Meta Disclaimer

Published: Sat 22 August 2015

In Meta.

The now famous Jeff Atwood, in an era before the meteoric success of Stackoverflow, raved on about Meta (capitalized to emphasize its ironic notoriety):

Meta-blogging is like masturbating. Everyone does it, and there's nothing wrong with it. But writers who regularly get out a little to explore other topics will be healthier, happier, and ultimately more interesting to be around–regardless of audience.

That blog article on blogging about blogging no doubt stirred up many emotions, invoking several orders of irony as Jeff's sensibilities were assaulted further as a result of his own indulgence in discussing a pet hate of his.

To those who are inclined to agree with Jeff, this is my official disclaimer:

Although I have the greatest respect for Jeff Atwood, and correspondingly tend to investigate a matter carefully when he's weighed in on it, in the case of TLL, the blog has no defined objectives other than to be consistent in its regularity ... and quality.

The content of The Limber Lambda will be wide and varied, bordering on stream-of-consciousness, and dare I say it, from time to time, possibly ... even quite likely: boring.

The Limber Lambda reflects my thoughts and what happens to be of interest in my life at any particular time. Although I would be very happy to know that what I have to talk about helps someone out from time-to-time, I'm not writing here specifically for that purpose–if it happens, then consider it incidental as opposed to deliberate.

You may wonder why I'm even talking about this since it's beginning to seem like a sort of confession of guilt. The truth is, I would love to talk about the various things that I have learned in putting this blog together, including the technology-related stuff. The problem is that up until now I've felt little-Jeff admonishing me every time I've even thought of talking about Pelican or reStructuredText, ImageMagick, Disqus or RSS versus Atom. No more ... I have officially ... and publicly, shed such baggage.

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