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Published: Sat 01 August 2015

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I guess the first of the month (no particular month, but August is as good as any) is a good time to re-boot a blog. This has been some time coming and I've finally gotten around to getting things going again. I figured that it didn't make sense to continue using a full-fledged CMS like WordPress to host something small like TLL, and in the theme of keeping things simple, I've opted for bare-bones statically based blogging engine, namely: Pelican.

The fact that Pelican is Python-based doesn't hurt; I've always found myself internally wincing everytime I contemplated having to customize something that's PHP-based.

I will endeavour to post on a regular basis, and what I commit to here will no doubt define me: at least once a week. When it comes to blogging frequency, what sticks in my mind was some pithy wisdom from the (now famous) Jeff Atwood, namely (no guarantees re accuracy of the quote):

What's important isn't so much volume, or even quality, but how consistent you are in blogging frequency.

"Once a week" is do-able, even for times when other commitments might be overwhelming. I will, no doubt, on occasion post something that doesn't conform to the "standard schedule".

If you're here shortly after I made the site available again, you will very likely have clicked through on a broken link. In coming weeks and months I will endeavour to make my old content available again, so if it's some of the developer test material that I put together quite some time ago which garnered interest, or the explanation of how PubSubHubbub works that was linked to from one of Anil Dash's blog posts, it'll be back again ... sometime soon.

I also have plans for zhuzhing the site up a little (despite my move to minamilism)—this will take the form of a move toward ... minamilism. Simple is beautiful ... and uncomplicated.

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